Las Vegas Getaway – A Five-Day Travel Plan

Day 1 – Arrive in Vegas

As you come in to land at McCarran International Airport you’ll see the unmistakable sight of the city’s famous Strip, situated on Las Vegas Boulevard. That’s where you’ll want to be staying to make the most of Vegas. There are hotels for all budgets situated on The Strip, from cheap and cheerful to incredibly luxurious, so pick the one that suits your needs best. Once you’ve checked in, take the time to wander The Strip and take in the visual delights that await, from The Venetian’s incredible replica of Venice to the mesmerising Bellagio fountains. If the heat’s too intense for you to walk for long stretches – you’re in the middle of the desert, after all – make use of The Deuce. These air conditioned double decker buses roam The Strip frequently and are very reasonably priced. In the evening, treat yourself to a nice meal from one of many award-winning restaurants. Again, there are options to suit all tastes and budgets; a good middle ground is The Venetian’s Grand Lux Café, which offers great food at less-than-premium prices.

Day 2 – Get your gamble on

Let’s face it: if you’re in Vegas then there’s a very good chance you’re itching to get some gambling done – no doubt you scoured the internet for the best deals on flights, hotels and cheap travel insurance in order to maximise your spending money. From blackjack and craps to the constant musical hum of slot machines, there are plenty of distractions for anyone who likes to play a game of chance. If you like to be a little more in control of your destiny, there are also a multitude of poker tournaments and cash games for you to choose from. Tournaments vary in value but you won’t go wrong with the $75 option at The Orleans, which with starting stacks of 7,500 chips offers excellent value. The Orleans is set back a little from the main Strip but you can catch a free shuttle from Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon, which is situated bang in the middle of The Strip.

Day 3 – Check out downtown

While The Strip is undoubtedly the main draw for tourists nowadays, there was a time when all the Vegas action took place downtown on Fremont Street. And while ‘Old Vegas’ no longer matches up to the glitz and the glamour of the new arrivals, it’s still well worthy of a visit. Famous old casinos like Binion’s and 4 Queens are steeped in history and offer a more down-to-earth alternative to the hyper-reality of some Strip hotels such as Excalibur or New York, New York. There’s plenty more to see and do, though, including a diverse range of musical entertainment. Best of all are the Viva Vision light and sound shows, which utilise a huge LED canopy – boasting more than 12 million LED lights – that runs along a large stretch of Fremont Street.

Day 4 – See a modern wonder of the world

The Grand Canyon is an absolute must-see so be sure to make time to experience it. At 277 miles, widths ranging between 4 and 18 miles and a maximum depth of more than a mile, this natural phenomenon is a genuine ‘you won’t believe it until you see it’ contender. If you can spare a whole day then bus and jeep tours are available which take 12-15 hours and often include stops at the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon Skywalk – a glass-bottomed walkway in the shape of a horseshoe that extends out over the floor of the canyon at a height of 3,600ft. If you’d prefer a quicker – and potentially more spectacular trip – treat yourself to a helicopter ride. Journeys from The Strip to the Grand Canyon via helicopter take around 45 minutes each way so if you go during the day you’ll be back in time to fit in another activity in the evening.

Day 5 – Take in a show

What better way to round off your trip than to enjoy a nice meal followed by one of The Strip’s headline shows? If you’ve overdone the gambling and are running low on funds, head to Ellis Island and order the Steak Special; it’s not on the menu, but those in the know will pay just $6.99 for a 10-ounce steak with potato, green beans and dinner rolls – as well as a glass of beer from the on-site micro-brewery. As for the show, you’ve got a lot to choose from with hit productions ranging from comedy and magic to theatre and musical entertainment – but your top priority should be to catch a breathtaking Cirque du Soleil performance. There are currently five Cirque shows in permanent residence on The Strip, from aquatic masterpiece O to the Beatles-themed Love. Best of all, though, is Mystère at Treasure Island.

Asia Travel Planning

Asia stretches the imagination and your reflexes as you pass from ultra-modern cities like Tokyo and Singapore through to tiny isolated villages in forests or mountains. Drop south from gargantuan China into the Indian subcontinent or venture through South East Asia’s beautiful countryside and beaches instead.

Considering more than half the world’s population lives in Asia, you’re likely to be blown away by the sheer number of people, and the terrifying differences between the rich and poor. There’s plenty of space though – Asia isn’t so much a destination as a container to hold an amazingly diverse set of cultures and places.

With some of the richest archeological remains in the world, Asia is a culture-lover’s dream destination; at the same time, the cheapest beers on the planet make it a party-goers paradise. Whatever your reason for travelling to Asia, you’re going to love it!

There are numerous countries throughout Asia and these include Japan, Laos and Cambodia among others that are highly exotic and will attract many people every year that are seeking adventure and relaxation, this region definitely has much to offer for everybody. For anyone arriving from a western country it’s a long journey which requires considerable Asia travel planning.

Many people will fly to such locations and there are numerous linked international airports having recurrent routes making travel simple. The best way for locating a flight that is inexpensive would be to search for deals online because there are numerous budget air carriers offering discounts each week.

When someone has arrived in a location of their choosing, travel choices generally incorporate shuttle or train. It is an easy way to view the countryside along with submerging yourself inside the local community plus understanding a little regarding the traditions.

Lodging within Asia is usually highly affordable unless you will be residing in a sizable brand name hotel. Oftentimes a few bucks can get visitors a pleasant clean room particularly on the outskirts of the town or possibly a local village that usually offer the better rates.

You will find great food offered from street vendors, it is where many locals will eat. Apart from being extremely reasonably priced its often as good as what can be found in a restaurant, therefore it’s not only affordable but it’s also highly delicious.

An often overlooked precaution would be guarding against theft, however it’s necessary regardless of whatever country the tourist visits. This could be avoided easily from having a watchful eye plus being extra careful. It’s a great region which is visited by folks all around the world and most are bound to find the area a great place for visiting.

Travel Planning and Travel Tips by Experienced Tourist and Businessman

The first stage of almost any trip is planning stage. You should plan everything about where you are going to get and you should plan all resources that you might need in your journey.

As for resources, typically you will need the same “resources” in any kind of travel, e.g. some clothes, good footwear, some medicine, money, documents and so on. It sounds like a time-consuming task to get all these things into one place and don’t forget anything, but there is a secret, which unveil how to get all things ready in just 30 minutes. The ideas is to create a check list of things that you usually should take with you, for the first time this list will not be complete, but once you have traveled two or more times, you will have your own personal travel check-list.

The best advice would be – it is possible to buy anything that you might forget, so make sure you have not forgotten money, your travel passport and health insurance. Make sure you are prepared to various weather conditions, and for sure, it is a good idea to check weather report before you start you journey.

The second stage of planning trip is planning your future route, e.g. places that you want to visit. The idea is to spend not much time on this task, but get good results when you will be in place. If you already have a good printed map of the city that you are going to visit, then it would be possible to create a route, plan everything at home. If you don’t have such a map – it is not a problem, when you will arrive you should find the tourist office, where you will have a map of the city. Usually these maps already contain necessary information about top places to visit, but only about places located in the city.

Good idea about planning trip is to find and print out information about places that you wish to visit and that you find interesting. When searching for this information, make sure you have not just the name and description, but preferably the address of the point of interest and some information about transportation. If you are using a public transport, then it is important to know what stops you will need and what line numbers you need to take and in what direction.

Make sure you know about opening hours. For instance, some places (like gardens) are not opened in winter. Most museum don’t work on Monday, and most shops are closed on Sunday. If you are interested in churches, then have in mind that you will be able to access most religious places on Sunday only after 13-00.

General recommendations about planning trip are: get all things you need and create a checklist for future trips, get information about places of interest and make sure you know their opening hours. Plan your trip accordingly and don’t forget to get some time for rest and food.

Air Travel Planning and Packing


Plan your trip in advance as much as possible and take into account any possible issues that you might encounter along the way. Purchase your ticket as early as you can if you are more serious about spending. Make sure that your ticket(s) are registered with your proper given name as it appears on government issued identification such as driving licenses, PAN cards, social security etc. Certain airlines offer an option that allows the customer to books seats right away without the need for checking-in and taking a seat that is based on the first-come-first-serve concept. If you have specific needs, such as disability etc. It would be a wise decision to book a seat as soon as you can, whether through the aforementioned option or by online/self check-in before you board the plane. If flying international, do read up on the regulations regarding visa, traveler’s regulations for entrance, tourism etc.


Ensure that your packing is done within the limits of baggage allowance stipulated by the airline. Carrying sharp objects is highly controversial and may be asked to be discarded from your carry-on luggage. When packing, if for a short journey or a short duration journey, remember to pack light on various things such as toiletries, which can be purchased from any supermarket for the purposes of travel. If using medications, look up regulations for what medication can be carried, such as diabetics who require insulin shots, and other kinds of medications. Ensure that you have some mild wet wipes which are essential to hygiene on a plane as not everything can be sanitized when the staffs cleans up the aircraft before the next flight. If you really want to carry a pillow, do look for small ones or an inflatable pillow. Usually air crafts do have stock of pillows for passengers who require additional support for various reasons.

At the Airport

For a domestic flight, try to reach the airport at least an hour in advance so that check-in would be relatively speedy. For international flights, you need to be at the airport at least 3 hours in advance, to check-in and have baggage screened. It may seem a long and tedious process, but it is standard protocol in most airports in most parts of the world. Ensure that your luggage has been tagged properly and weighs the right amount that does not exceed baggage allowance. Ensure that you are not accidentally carrying sharp objects, as when you are screened before the departure gate, there might be problems encountered with security staff.

Arrival Gate

To ensure that baggage collection is easy, the first thing to do is to get yourself a cart, if you luggage is big and heavy. If not, wait for your luggage to come around on the tray. Have your luggage marked or your suitcase in a specific color that you can remember easily. There is no harm in waiting for your baggage, as the tray will go on for a long time long after you have disembarked from your flight.

Include a Volunteering Holiday in Costa Rica in Your Gap Year Travel Plans

When putting together your gap year travel plans you are sure to want to include plenty of intrepid activities on your itinerary. But you may also wish to spend some of your break helping other people by undertaking volunteer work – something that is easy to do in Costa Rica.

This beautiful Central American country is perfect for adventure holidays, as it has volcanoes, mountains, rainforests, lakes and rivers to explore. It is also attracting more conventional tourists in increasing numbers thanks to its stunning beaches and opportunities for water sports.

However, the growth in tourism does not mean Costa Rica is an affluent country and there are lots of places where volunteers can make a real difference. Like many of the other countries with vast areas of rain and cloud forest, conservation is a major issue here and there are also problems with poverty in some areas – so donating your time during holidays in Costa Rica will certainly prove worthwhile.

If you have an interest in ecology and conservation, you will find there are plenty of opportunities that will allow you to indulge your passion while volunteering.

Head to the area around the town of Montezuma in Puntarenas province and you will find a project dedicated to restoring an area of forest to its natural state. The work is being carried out on privately-owned land with the hope of creating a self-sustaining nature reserve that can be enjoyed for generations.

The reserve is primarily intended to be a safe haven for indigenous plant and animal species, but there are also plans to introduce some new flora and fauna to the area. The forest runs down to the coast and also includes a beach, which project leaders hope will become a protected habitat for marine life.

There is lots of work that they need volunteers for here, including clearing the beach, planting trees and working in the organic greenhouse to help cultivate the plants that will eventually fill the forest. You can stay on site during your time working at the project and you will find it is a great base for exploring the local area.

You can enjoy surfing and snorkelling on the coast, sample the nightlife in Montezuma or take a trip to the beautiful Absolute Reserva Cabo Blanco, where you will be able to see monkeys in their natural habitat.

If wildlife is your passion, you may want to spend your time in Costa Rica working at a turtle conservation project. The country’s marine turtles have become endangered due to both a change in their habitat and the impact of poachers who prize their eggs.

There are a host of schemes in coastal areas designed to help save the turtle, but with no government funding available, they rely on volunteers. The projects have enjoyed some success in increasing the number of young turtles that make it to the sea, but they still need help clearing beaches, patrolling nesting areas to deter poachers and maintaining the hatcheries.

As the turtle conservation schemes are all based near beaches, you will be able to spend your free time working on your tan, enjoying some water sports or heading inland to explore the forests and mountains.

There are also opportunities to help the local people, such as the Fundacion para la Vivienda Rural Costa Rica-Canada programme. This project is designed to support impoverished rural communities by building high-quality homes and social infrastructure.

The intention is not that the homes should be constructed merely as a charitable gesture – and the families who are to live in the completed houses are expected to help build them – but to help improve the quality of life and economic prospects in the area for the long term.

As these can be huge construction projects and are often undertaken without the help of modern machinery, they are very labour intensive and there is an ongoing need for volunteers to complete tasks such as digging foundations, laying floors, mixing cement and carrying materials.

There are few more direct ways to assist families in poverty than by helping them to build a home and you are certain to find it a rewarding experience. But there is no reason why you should not also have some fun during your Costa Rica holiday and choose a building site near San Ramon where you will be able to explore the cloud forest, work on your tan on a Pacific coast beach and enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Economise Your Travel Plans

Travelling has always been a major financial risk but the money factor has never deterred the passionate lobe trotters from discovering unknown lands. Every generation has devised new ways to economise their journey. Travelling refreshes one’s body and mind and replenishes him with that vital energy which sustains him through the monotony of a boorish daily existence. For artists and poets, travel holds the prospect of new experiences to enliven their creative pursuits, businessmen can’t overlook the obvious business opportunities of finding newer and cheaper depots of resources and markets for their goods. But all these would be feasible once the itinerary has been planned out and the financial constraints thereby arising, resolved well before one embarks on the actual endeavour. Cost cutting measures have led to several companies forestalling the process of salary hike of the employee and the worst coda to this episode was the sacking of hundreds of employees. Travel expenses on the other hand, have geometrically risen and made any journey outside one’s national borders, a tricky gamble.

The Couch Surfing Project

Every person is not capable of paying for his or her ticket to ride. For them, the lucrative Couchsurfing project has been put together. Couch surfing works on the principle of shared hospitality across borders. Suppose you were planning a trip to Cairo but could only pay the travel fares and had no money left for lodging or foods, you can easily avail the benefits of any couch surfing website. Using this method of roaming, a citizen of Egypt will take you in as free boarder provided you meet his or her requirements. This way you can save up money for buying memoirs or just travel more extensively. Next time, when the Egyptian or ay other referral from that website comes to visit your land, you offer back your hospitable services to him.

Mixed Wallet Concept

Its always advised that you travel with a mixed wallet. A mixed wallet is a primary backup against any sort of thieving or robbery while you are on the road. If you divide your money into different credit and debit cards, travellers’ cheques, foreign currency as well as native one, travel money and kind, you are bound to be something left to subside on, even if you have your goods or wallet stolen. Equally important is the fact that you keep your money scattered and hidden in different parts of your luggage and clothes.

Travel Money from Online Providers

Travellers’ Cheques are gradually fading into oblivion, rather its being fast replaced by travel money. Before you leave your country, do not use your bank or building society’s help to purchase travel money. If you have surfed the high waves of tourism economy carefully, you will get to know several online providers offer free delivery of foreign currency. Their geographical spread is generally very large and they go low on the commissions bit since they are trying to increase their own market shares.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards, despite being a later entry in this arena, has gained sufficient popularity in recent times. Unlike credit or debit cards, not only do you have your card insured but also your funds which you can avail once you apply for a replacement.

Europe Travel Planning – For a Blissful Holiday Experience

Want to spend you holidays in Europe this time? Looking for a blissful and great holiday trip? For a successful trip planning is the most important and basic step. It is very important to plan you trip beforehand. To plan your trips in an effective and efficient manner collate as much information as possible about your holiday destination.

Books and maps are the most reliable source of information that one can depend on. Europe Travel Planning books and guides are also available in the market that helps you in accessing important information. With the help of maps and route planners you can navigate through places while being on trip without having the fear of being lost. Remember the festive season is the best time to explore a country its rich culture so plan accordingly.

You can easily locate different places with the help of guides. Routes to various places, to stay and eat, tourist spots, shopping centers etc. are listed in a guide book. You can also find information about communication modes and those used for traveling purposes like exploring the sites by riding bicycle, walking, taxi, boating or boarding trains. For sighting seeing a map is the best guide. You can know about the lifestyle of people, food habits, dialect and culture conveniently through informative books. These help you to understand taste of people and tradition in a better way.

Carry lesser personal belongings with you when planning a trip. You can take help of an itinerary and get one planned for you. You can plan your itinerary according to your convenience and choice. You have full freedom to choose the places that interest you and you wish to visit in Europe. Accordingly then you can get an itinerary for yourself that will help you throughout your trip.

Online gives you a better and wider coverage of information over the books. Anywhere, anyplace at anytime you can access the desired information. Online medium is less expensive and user friendly.

If you are looking forward to a great trip to Europe that can be relished lifetime then travel planning is must. So, get started because right ahead is waiting a great holiday!

Who Needs a Travel Plan?

There’s only so much time for travel in a year. Some people try to make the most of it by planning every step of the journey. Other people prefer the open road without any schedule at all. When a person travels from place to place, they can either come up with a strict itinerary, or they can just pick a direction and go with it. The question then becomes: which one is the best for you?

If you travel without a final destination in mind, you might run into a few obstacles. This type of travelling isn’t for everyone because a lot of things can go wrong while you’re on the road alone. That’s why many people like to have a comfortable itinerary that they can stick to.

On the other hand, if you go with a more spontaneous trip you open yourself up to some opportunities for discovery and adventure. When you throw a strict schedule out the window you will open yourself up to new possibilities and memorable experiences.

When you do decide to travel without any set plans you need to be able to deal with the various obstacles that might crop up. You could end up driving from hotel to hotel, only to find they are all full. Or you might waste entire days wandering around a city because you can’t find anything interesting. When you only have a certain amount of time for a vacation, many people don’t want to spend a whole day just moving from place to place.

However, when you’re not tied down to specific plans, you can take all the time you need. And while you are wandering around a city you might just be able to find something new and unique that you would have never planned for. Some of the most memorable experiences are the ones you didn’t plan for.

All you have to do is pick a direction and start going. Something is bound to come up. There are different tourist attractions and landmarks in every state or city, and some are better known than others. The best way to find them is to simply take your time and explore your surroundings until you discover what different areas have to offer. If nothing looks appealing you can simply move on to the next place.

This isn’t the kind of travel that will appeal to everyone. And in order to do it right you will have to be able to strictly budget your travel funds. If you get caught halfway through the trip without any money you won’t be able to feed yourself, find lodgings, or make it home. You might think that living off the land sounds fun, but it’s really not.

When you travel without plans you can be spontaneous and find some exciting new experiences. If you want to make the most out of your trip, though, you will have to control your spending and know how to look in different places for opportunities you would otherwise miss.